Professional consultation is a vital way to maintain your professional health and advance your career.  Whether you are looking to hone your skills as an experiential therapist, move toward EMDR Certification, or work on resolving personal issues, I will assist you in your desire to grow both personally and professionally. As a therapist, I work from an experiential model; employing EMDR, Psychodrama, EFT and AEDP based on each client's presenting concern.


EMDR Consultation

I provide training, support, and consultation in the following areas:

  • EMDR Basic Consultation – EMDRIA standards now require a minimum of 10 hours of consultation in addition to Weekend I and Weekend II training

  • Individual and Group Consultation towards EMDRIA Certification. A minimum of 20 hours of consultation is required for Certification (a maximum of 10 hours can be done in group consultation)

  • Individual and Group Consultation for the minimum 20 hours to become an EMDRIA-approved Consultant

  • Teleconferencing and Skype is available for consultation groups

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